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Webcams of the Elba view - cribs

Webcam 1

Webcam 1 is located in the lounge of the holiday apartments "Elbausicht - Krippen" in Bad Schandau, in the Krippen district. The cam offers a view of the banks of the Elbe and the cycle path. On the opposite bank of the Elbe is the Postelwitz district of Bad Schandau, known for its "seven - Brothers - Houses ". The famous Wolfsgraben leads past the houses on the right. In the Middle Ages it was called" Wulstgraben ". It is a connection to the Bad Schandau district of Ostrau, located on a high plateau. The street lamps light up at night The "Falkensteinklinik" and the villa colony built by Rudolf Sendig are located in Ostrau. As part of the renovation of the spa promenade, a skywalk will soon be built there, which will offer a beautiful view of the Elbe.

You can put together the time periods yourself in the frame player.


To protect the privacy of our guests sitting on the terrace, the cam cannot show the Elbe during the season.

Webcam 2

Webcam 2 from the "Elba view - cribs" in Bad Schandau, Krippen district is attached to the garage. She takes pictures in the direction of the Elbe. It shows the "Seven Brothers Houses" in Postelwitz, a very small part of the "Caspar-David- Friedrich-Weg", "Elbweg" or "Elberadweg". With the webcam you look at the Torstein from the Schrammstein area and in the direction of the "Postelwitz quarries". From April to October you can often see Elbe cruise ships. On the right of the picture is the small marina in Postelwitz. Sometimes small motor yachts anchor there.

You can put together the time periods yourself in the frame player.

Ship recordings with the webcam2

Here you will mainly find a few videos on the subject of "Elbe ships", which were recorded manually with the Webcam2, in random order. But other events in the area of the webcam are also shown here.

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