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Blick zur Elbaussicht - Krippen und den Dampfer Pirna

Flooding of the view of the Elbe in Bad Schandau

On August 1st, 2002 we took over the Elbschlösschen, a holiday facility of the Bahn-Sozialwerk Foundation (BSW). Since then, the house has been available to all holidaymakers under the name Ferienappartements Elbausicht - Krippen.

Shortly after the takeover, we were hit hard by the flood of the century. A so-called Vb weather situation had ensured that the Elbe level at Schöna rose to 12.04m due to extremely heavy rain. The water could not drain through the narrow Elbe valley. The tributaries also rose. This flooded the basement and a third of the ground floor and destroyed all furnishings. So we were forced to undertake a comprehensive renovation. The measures could not be completed until this year.

Another extreme increase in water was recorded in 2006. The water level in Schöna was 8.81 m, and the basement and the garages were flooded. So the water came to a standstill about 1m below the terrace. As a precautionary measure, we had cleared the cellar with hard-working helpers. After a relatively long drying time in winter, the garages and the cellar “only” had to be renovated.

In August 2010 there was again heavy rain. We were lucky there. The Elbe stopped in front of the garage on 08/07/2010 and on 08/08/2010 it was the most beautiful summer weather.

Even a year later, we were lucky. In 2011 the water was about 1m in the garage. Only the mud had to be removed.

After three years there was again extreme heavy rain. The maximum water level in Schöna was an impressive 10.65 m. With us the water was about 42 cm on the ground floor. Again we had to join forces and repair the damage with great effort.

There is hardly any protection from new extreme water in the Elbe Valley. But we don't let the risk discourage us. The direct location on the Elbe offers our holidaymakers the guarantee of a wonderful holiday in a delightful region - Saxon Switzerland.

With the picture gallery we would like to give you an insight into the destructive power of the Elbe in extreme times.

Hochwasser 2002 Krippen
Hochwasser 2006 - Die Elbe steigt
Hochwasser 2006 - Blick von Krippen nach Postelwitz
Hochwasser 2006 - Die Schäne besuchen die Wiese der Elbaussicht
Hochwasser 2006 - Gefahrenabwehr an der Elbaussicht in Krippen
Hochwasser 2010 Elbradweg in Krippen
Hochwasser 2010 Am SportplatzKrippen
Hochwasser 2011 - Werbeschild Elbaussicht Krippen
Hochwasser 2013 - Das HW hat die Nachbarn der Elbaussicht erreicht
Hochwasser 2013 - Die Liegewiese der Elbaussicht mit steigendem Hochwasser
Hochwasser 2013 - Das Fluchtfahrzeug der Elbaussicht wird vorbereitet
Hochwasser 2013 - Vorbereitung der Evakuierung an der Elbaussicht
Hochwasser 2013 - Idyllischer Pausenraum während der Aufräumarbeiten
Hochwasser 2013 - Der Chef verschwindet im GulIy der Elbaussicht
Hochwasser 2013 - Hilfe beim Aufräumen durch die Partnerfeuerwehr
Hochwasser 2013 - Abtransport der Sandsäcke nach dem Ende der Schlacht
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